Things I Read on the Back of Cards – 1988 Topps, Mark Grant

8 Aug

Not everything on a card back deserves to be on a card back.

1988 Topps – Mark Grant.  Let’s go through this line by line:

1988 Topps - Mark Grant (Back)

“Mark’s uncle, Richard Ramos, pitched in White Sox chain, 1953-1958.” – Ok, fine.  Interesting enough.  I like learning about those kinds of connections.

“A cousin, Rick Ramos, pitched in Expo chain, 1978-1983.” – Still interested.

“Mark is a clothing salesman.” – Really?  Actually, I think he was a Major League Baseball pitcher.  These days, Mark is a broadcaster, and a pretty popular one in San Diego, from what a quick Google search can track down.  No mention of a clothing sales career anywhere.  I think we could have stopped after the family connections.

Either way, I learned something today.  Thanks, 1988 Topps, for making me a better person.

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