A Magical Mustache Tour

6 Jul

Today, we are going to go on a Magical Mustache Tour.  A tour of what, you may ask?  A tour of 1991-92 Pro Set Platinum Hockey, that’s what.

Yeah, I know.  Pro Set sucked.  However, this set has always been a favourite of mine, and I still enjoy going through it.  Some reasons for its sentimental value:

-Was among the earliest glossy hockey sets.
-Full bleed photography, and action shots on front and back.  You know that was a big deal back in the day.
-Released partway into the season so we got some great shots of the Original 6 jerseys used for the NHL’s 75th anniversary.
-Fantastic/hilarious/questionable Celebrity Captains subset including Fred Rogers, Jim Belushi, and Larry King.

But most important was its showcasing of mustaches.  They are all over in this set.  Here are a few of the greatest:

1991-92 Pro Set Platinum - Michel Goulet

Since the Hawks are the new Cup champions, they get to lead us off with card #166 – Michel Goulet.  How can you not like this card?  Original Six jersey, classic Jofa lid, thick, makes-Tom-Selleck-jealous mustache, Hartford Whalers in the background.


1991-92 Pro Set Platinum - Gary Leeman (1)

1991-92 Pro Set Platinum - Gary Leeman (2)

#115 – Gary Leeman and #162 – Gary Leeman.  To say Leeman’s mustache was ill-advised is a bit of an understatement, but he remains a Leaf legend to this day for scoring 51 goals in 1989-90 and most importantly for being the key to the trade that brought Doug Gilmour to the Blue and White.  I’ve also always liked sets where players are featured with two different teams in two different series – exact same card design, different team, different photo.  Upper Deck baseball High Number sets in the early 90’s were great for this.

1991-92 Pro Set Platinum - Ray Ferraro

#76 – Ray Ferraro.  This legend from Trail, BC had a solid NHL career and now works in broadcasting.  Note to Ray: bring the mustache to the broadcast booth.  It will catapult your TV career to the next level.  Look what happened to Jim Van Horne after he got rid of his mustache.  Jim Van Who, you say?  Exactly.

1991-92 Pro Set Platinum - Mike Gartner

#84 – Mike Gartner.  Great wheels + great mustache = great career.

1991-92 Pro Set Platinum - Tim Kerr

#80 – Tim Kerr.  One of the most underrated goal scorers of the 1980’s.  With him and Gartner on the team in 1991-92, it’s hard to believe the Rangers’ Cup drought didn’t end sooner.

1991-92 Pro Set Platinum - Mike Bullard

#233 – Mike Bullard.  Returned from Switzerland to put up some decent numbers for the Leafs and one of the all-time greatest mustaches in the NHL.

Now, we will start to see a pattern.  Mustaches equal leadership.  Just watch.

1991-92 Pro Set Platinum - Mike Ramsey

#13 – Mike Ramsey.  That mustache is powering Ramsey to make that first pass out of the zone with some serious authority.

1991-92 Pro Set Platinum - Dirk Graham

#23 – Dirk Graham.  Old school Jofa, Winnwell mitts, just as cool as Goulet but sporting the “C” for the Hawks.

1991-92 Pro Set Platinum - Bryan Trottier

#PC19 – Bryan Trottier.  When Super Mario went down with an injury in 1991-92, where did the Penguins turn to for leadership?  The best mustache in Pittsburgh, that’s where.  Would he have won six Cups without the mustache?  Debatable.

1991-92 Pro Set Platinum - Wendel Clark

#120 – Wendel Clark.  Heart.  Courage.  Determination.  Mustache.

1991-92 Pro Set Platinum - Burton Cummings

#290 – Burton Cummings (of The Guess Who fame), Celebrity Captain for the Winnipeg Jets.  Cummings is the only Celebrity Captain to be on the ice in full gear.  This card must make you realize that Winnipeg needs NHL hockey.  If you don’t have this card, get it.  You need it.

Are you convinced now?  What a set.  What a Magical Mustache Tour.

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